Puppy info


-All our adult dogs are health tested only with excellent results they will be used for our breeding program.

-All our breeding dogs are DNA checked before they will be used in our breeding program.


-All our adult dogs do dogshows with fantastic results, it means they are social to other dogs and people something that is very important to us.


-All our puppies leave with a contract, FCI pedigree, EU passport with Chip + all the vaccinations till the age they need

(8 weeks means 2 puppy vaccinations, 15 weeks means 3 puppy vaccinations and their first Rabies shot), 

a lovely puppy package with a bag of food, toys, leash, brush and candies.



-All our puppies get socialized in different situations with big and small dogs/loud and not load situations/different kind of people etc...

(Show dogs will get their first trainings aswell)

-Our new owners and their puppies get their life long support and advice.


-All our puppies are used to get brushed, washed, dried etc..

(It doesn't mean they like it, but they get it in their first weeks of living with us)

-All our puppies/dogs just leave our place with a contract to protect the puppy/dog in the future.

NEW litter born 

Very excited about the birth of our current litter from Minty & Jayjay.

There are 3 girls and 1 boy born on the 02-07-2022

There might be a puppy available!

Name: Fudzisan Yamatoichi Go Yukiyama IMP Russia

Name: Minty Rising Star Alkadar IMP Russia

NEW litter born !

So happy about the new litter that was born in our kennel.
Proud parents are Lilly X Jaxx.

There were born 3 girls and 2 boys.
Lilly gave birth to her new borns at 08-07-2022

Name: Dar Chingiza Premier Minister IMP Russia

Name: First Edition at v.d Egmato 

Expected litter

Very excited mating is done in the end of June. 
Miya was bred by the new import from Japan Maru.
2 very nice dogs with beautiful type and pedigree these 2 dogs have such wonderful characters. 

Miya is CONFIRMED pregnant, we expect her puppies first week of September 2022

Name: Fukushoumaru Go Sapporo Kagasou IMP Japan

Name: Yukiyama Kuni No Miya Nagako Joo

Expected litter

We expect to breed Gina with the new import from Japan.
We expect Gina is season arround December 2022

Name: Fukushoumaru Go Sapporo Kagasou IMP Japan

Name: Magic Touch  by v.d Egmato