Welcome on our Shiba website,

Phasinated by this breed the shiba since a very young age, grow up with the Shikoku one size bigger as the shiba.

Life long in contact with this beautiful breed the shiba.

Get teached by the best mentors through the years.
Gianne get her chance in 2016 to get her first own beautiful shiba from great lines to start her carierre.

After being in the Shikoku breed since 1997, with a lot of succes she wanted to start something new a new goal...


Shiba Kennel v.d Egmato

Stay for breeding like the breed standard ask us a shiba should look like, but for us it's even more important that our shiba's are healthy and get easily old, that they have great characters that they could do any sport but living in the same time in a family and being a great house dog.


More about us and our dogs you will find on our website ENJOY!!

Flashing news

Jaxx winning Junior Best of Breed at the Grand Prix prior to the European dog show 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.

Jaxx wins BEST IN SHOW at the specialty!!!
At the Clubshow he won Res BEST IN SHOW behind our shikoku!!

Jaxx made us very proud by winning the EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2022 in Paris, France!