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Name: Fudzisan Yamatoichi Go Yukiyama   IMP  RUS

Call name: JayJay

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 06 April 2017

Colour: Red/White 


Father: Demishstar Hinode Maru

Mother: Demishstar Suzu Yoko


HD: A Excellent

Patella Luxation: FREE



Show results:

- Romania Champion

- Bosnia and Herzegovina Champion



Name: Yukiyama Kuni No Miya Nagako Joo   IMP NL

Call name: Miya

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 18 FEB 2016

Colour: Red/White


Father: Morningstar Waka Chousei Sou

Mother: Yukiyama No Chouseiran Go


HD: A Excellent

Patella Luxation: FREE



Show results:

Junior Champion of: Hungary

Champion of: Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Winner 2017

TOP Shiba Female HU 2017



Name: First Edition at v.d Egmato

Call name: Lilly

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 27 SEP 2017

Colour: Red/White


Father: Copperdots Katashi

Mother: Yukiyama Kuni No Miya Nagako Joo


HD: A (Excellent)

Patella Luxation: FREE


Show results:

Junior BEST IN SHOW winner

Adult 3th BEST IN SHOW winner


Multiple BOB winner from out of Juniorclass

Junior Champion of: Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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